1. Love = No Expectations

It is a well known fact that expectations kills a relationship, I couldn’t agree more. It’s human nature, at some point of time we start having expectations, and it can’t be changed. But it’s not about being selfish and asking for love in return, it’s about giving and only giving. And that doesn’t include giving up your ambitions, dignity or your individuality. The best example is our Nature. It works on the same principle, it gives you everything, that helps you to sustain your life, but does it ask for anything in return? Love is not about give and take, love is only about giving. Expectations converts individuals in a relationship into a magnet with their similar sides facing each other, when placed together they will repel. It is as simple as that.

2. Love is not Enough

Yes, love is not enough, if you love someone that doesn’t mean that you are compatible. Love happens, it”s a natural process. But true love comes with respect, humility, trust and commitment, that needs to be exist on both sides of a relationship. A number of my friends, got into a relationship, because they felt the initial spark. But later on they found that they are incompatible, they had fights, they didn’t respect each other. And it ended with a breakup. I don’t know why people curse love for that. Look for trust, respect and honesty in a person, Love is just an after-effect.

3. Give yourself the much needed Self Love

Don’t be needy or desperate. Work on yourself, love yourself as an individual first. Kiss yourself, brag about yourself, give yourself gifts. Do things with you as if you are doing it with your significant other. If you want true love, look for it inside, it is lying somewhere deep down there. Love doesn’t exists when there is any dependence. Try to be a better person, never stop growing, both on physical and mental level. Attain your goals, achieve something in life. Become valuable, create your importance. Go out, live your Life.