Why are you down, get up!,
Has anyone said anything to you?,
Why are you feeling rejected, you are still alive,
You are still growing, you are still learning,
Do you feel tied with these shitty rituals,
And the invisible chains of society.

You, yes you? Get up now, break the shackles,
Just be free, why are you thinking so much?
Do you have a fear of loosing your loved ones,
Or you don’t have the courage of taking a step,
You are loosing so much time in thinking unnecessarily,
If they really love you they will not leave you, keep that in mind.

Get up now, bring the change in the World,
You always wished for, put your foot forward,
Why are you crying? You are man enough, your limbs are still working,
You are learned enough to do anything you desire off,
Think about freedom, think about you,
See yourself in happiness, see yourself smiling, wipe your tears.

Get up now, break these locked doors,
Get into nature, feel the freedom nature gives you,
See the water, making its way, come whatever may, learn from it,
Pave your path, who’s stopping you ? No one, do it with conviction,
Lit up that fire within you, feel the heat of your desires and passion,
Mix that up with some air and be free, free from all mental agony.

Get up now, release yourself, rebuild that force from inside,
Strengthen your core, reignite the energy,
That once made you jump from heights, that once made you dive between waters,
That once made you laugh for no reason, that once made you love every human being,
Don’t let it die, it is who you are,
Fire it up now!

Get up now, remember those old times,
When people used to follow you, when they seek your guidance,
You were the most effective person in your clan,
You were a leader, You had power,
What happened to that ? Is it still there ?,
Yes it is, see inside, has it started burning ?

Get up now, see it burning inside, get excited,
Shed off this negative self image, you are one of a kind,
Play with your mind, do something new,
Let go off your fear, let go off your negativity,
You have a positive aura, feel it, feel it now,
Cry if you want, cry for one last time, feel free.

Get up now, dress up well, don’t care how you look,
You look awesome, people love you, you are their idol,
Get your thinking straight, come on smile now, Smile!
Yeah that’s great, do it once more, look at yourself,
The flare of passion has started burning in your eyes,
Close your eyes, feel it, are you feeling the excitement, yes your are!

Get up now, what do you wanna do? What are you most feared off,
Do you want to have sex, go out have some sex,
Do you want to have good relationships, go out talk to people,
Do you want money, go out get a job,
Do you want happiness, laugh, laugh hard,
Don’t sit idle, do something, a single step is needed to bring the change.

Get up now, do crazy things, be as weird as you want,
You only live once, let people make fun of you,
Let them reject you, let them call you by names,
For once feel free, feel free of these worldly matters,
For once only care about yourself, give yourself immense love,
For once in your life, just BE YOU, just BE YOU!