India, once acclaimed as one of the most powerful democracy, known to the world for its brotherhood, culture and high values, is in a constant state of fear. The year is 2029 and the rivalry between different sects and castes has ended up in a bloodbath. Our leaders are mute, they are hiding under the bed of uncertainty, watching the communities self destruct themselves. From past few years we are having a civil war.

But in the midst of all this hatred and violence, there stranded a boy, near a stream of water filled with industrial waste, carelessly rowing his paper boat, pushing it away with a broken twig, throwing pebbles at it, without even knowing that the piece of paper has given up the fight and almost melted away in the black waters. Once he realized that he had enough, he turned back to look for his mother to help him get on the wheelchair, but she was nowhere to be found.

Being a paraplegic since birth, he was too dependent on his mother. His mother worked as a daily wage worker in the nearby slum. His father, who worked as a blacksmith, died in an accident the day before he was born. His sister, who was around 21, was raped twice and thrown away in the rushing waters of Ganges. He is the only hope his mother is living for.

He looked here and there, it is already getting late. He started getting aberrant. Suddenly, with all the force in his belly, for one last time he yelled aloud for his mother and tears gushed out from his eyes. The sun was getting low, the dusky atmosphere is filling his heart with pain and darkness, he sat there stunned. He was all alone.