1. Do not follow anyone. Learn by practice. Create your own legacy.

2. Add value to yourself, which in turn adds value to your business.

3. Create something unique. Make sure you have a market for it.

4. Market analysis is a must.

5. Do not think in terms of money, think in terms of people you connect.

6. Bloat about your product or service, if it is an ant, make it an elephant and sell it.

7. Use the power of social media.

8. Get some girls onboard, they add a different perspective to your business.

9. Face rejection, take it seriously, build on it.

10. Do not waste time on planning unnecessarily, just do it.

11. Be lean with your ideas and business.

12. Initially, don’t go for perfection, build on customer feedback.

13. Get some time out for yourself, do not overwork.

14. Get proper sleep, 7-8 hours of sleep is a must.

15. Stay healthy. Meditate, run, jog. Eat well.

16. Motivation comes from inside, not by reading any quote or watching a video. Don’t waste time on them.

17. Read, read a lot.

18. Go out in nature, whenever you get time.

19. Ask for help, people are there to help you, don’t hesitate.

20. Sometimes you will be weak and depressed, cry and let it out, don’t hold it inside.