Why two strangers meet, is it because of karma or as our ancestors say, is it due to our past life debts. Whatever the reason be, but I am a firm believer in the fact that everything that happens in life happens for a reason. Sometimes the excitement and exuberance the person brings can be so overwhelming that it makes us forget all the sorrows and dejection we are facing in our life.

A rare incident happened to me last year on a social networking portal, where I used to waste most of my time. Did I attracted this event in my life, maybe, sub consciously.

I met a beautiful lady who was down and out with her relationship, who was hiding behind a fake profile, with which she wanted to teach her boyfriend a lesson, I really don’t know how. As soon as she send me a friend request, I knew that the profile was fake, my knowing of ethical hacking paid off. I did had a feeling that a guy is operating behind the scenes.

But a bit of rambling with her helped me in making sure that she is girl. A girl who lied to me, initially. But as we got to know more about each other, she became more open with her thoughts, with her life, with her relationships. I believe God has send her to be my friend, my well wisher or something more. I am glad that we did manage to make a connection as small as it maybe.

I do think about it a lot, as it was one of the rarest thing that happened to me. How can anyone be so known and yet so unknown. Are we a part of the divine conspiracy ?